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Paw Patron gives business owners the opportunity to serve as foster parents to our dogs. Their donations support the shelter’s monthly expenditures and, in return, they gain business promotion and a badge to use on their platforms.


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At Brighter Days Rescue, we prioritise training the dogs to a level that ensures they can be safely and efficiently rehomed. This often means the dogs stay with us longer than they would at a typical shelter.

We have rehomed 320 dogs

Donations from our Paw-trons help support our staff in caring for the dogs, purchasing food, toys, cleaning and grooming supplies, and covering electricity and water bills to keep the dogs warm during the winter and well-groomed once they arrive from overseas. These funds also help us handle unexpected vet bills. 

Your benefits

Becoming a Paw Patron member gives you the ability to showcase that your business is dog friendly through receiving a digital badge for use on your website and social media platforms. To aid your company’s SEO, we will set up a back-link to your page, and, based on your budget, we will discuss what we can do to promote your business. 

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