Brighter Days Rescue is a registered charity in England committed to rescuing and rehoming dogs from unfavourable conditions abroad. Our primary focus is on dogs in Romania where many animals are strays and subject to abuse and neglect. These dogs deserve the love, care and respect that they are not getting.

Our team raises funds to cover the costs of bringing dogs to the UK, including assigning a passport, providing a pre-medical check and arranging transportation. Since our inception, we have rescued and rehomed over 100 dogs, thanks to the dedication of our team and the support of our generous donors and volunteers.

We ensure that every dog we rescue is placed with a loving and responsible adopter, following a thorough screening process. We understand our resources and energy are limited, but we are committed to doing our best for the dogs we can provide a better life to.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our mission, team and the dogs we have rescued and rehomed. Please consider supporting our cause through donations, volunteering or adoption. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of dogs in need.

Dog lovers united - Want to join us?


Lorraine McCaughtrie

Lorraine is a dedicated animal welfare advocate who has been re-homing rescue dogs for over a year. She is pursuing a Level 3 qualification in dog behaviour and has an honours degree in Early Years, making her a valuable asset to the animal welfare community. Lorraine's passion led her to join Brighter Days Rescue, where she helps families select their most suited future companion, assess dog behaviour, and perform basic training sessions. Her goal is to ensure that every dog finds a loving home and that their new owners are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and guidance.

Edwin Briscoe

Ed is a dedicated animal welfare advocate with a wealth of experience in volunteering for various animal welfare programmes both within and outside the UK. At Brighter Days Rescue, he has played a pivotal role in setting up the charity and is currently serving as its Treasurer. With 20 years of experience as a business owner, Ed brings a unique perspective to the animal welfare community. He is committed to improving the lives of dogs in less fortunate countries and hopes to contribute to the success of Brighter Days Rescue. Ed is passionate about expanding the charity's reach and saving as many dogs as possible.

Amy Cashmore​

Amy Cashmore is a passionate animal lover who has been obsessed with animals of all shapes and sizes since childhood. Despite not being allowed to have a dog of her own, she found ways to interact with them by befriending people with dogs and visiting local petting farms. Her love for animals prompted her to crowdfund over £1000 towards rebuilding a local wildlife rescue after a tragic fire. Although she initially wanted to be a vet, she now volunteers at Brighter Days Rescue, where she finds it incredibly rewarding to see terrified dogs build their confidence and eventually find their forever homes.