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Meet Maddy who is a beautiful Podenca puppy at just 4 months old…….

She has had her puppy vaccinations and is arriving at Brighter Days at the end of September.

She was found dumped in the town of Berja in Spain and was wondering around on her own lost and scared…. the local police took her to a shelter in Spain who have been looking after her and she is now ready to travel to us to find her forever home.

She’s a funny happy girl……and with the right training Podencas make great pets……..related to the Pharoah hound and grey hound.

They do like to chase……so recall and lead work training  is important to make life much easier..she’s a lovable character and is a bit of a sock thief!! she has been living with cats and has been good with them…..Will occasionally chase..but it’s half hearted puppiness ..she stops when called ..we are not sure how she is with children but happy to meet strangers, and being so young, we anticipate with careful introduction that she will be good with children. Good at the vets…….loves the car……..she needs lots of energy sapping toys games etc…… she would benefit from time in a good secure dog park to learn socialising etc. She weighs about 7 kilos..has her puppy vaccinations.

Not spayed.. as too young at the moment.

Maddy would make a great pet for an active family..waking running camping etc.

Have you got room in your life for this little girl….. she so wants her forever home where she can be loved and be part of the family?????

Home check & adoption fee apply.

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Successfully Rehomed

10 October, 2022

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Successfully Rehomed