About me

🩵 Hello people in the uk ! Im Buddy 🩵

I’ve been told that if I come to your country then hoomans are nice to dogs and I will be loved by someone. 🩷 I don’t know what that feels like 😕

I’m in Romania where hoomans are nasty to us and try to run us over and kill us. There are some lovely people here though and I think they are called ” rescuers” they save us and send us to other countries where we will be loved and cared for.

I’d like to be loved and safe and cared for so I know what it’s like 🙏 When I come over I will be washed and groomed so I look handsome and then someone can do something called ” adopting me”

If you would like to adopt me please submit an application from our website www.brighterdaysrescue.com ADOPTION FEE AND HOME CHECK APPLY

Successfully Rehomed

1 October, 2023

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Successfully Rehomed